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Recruitment event


So... you've been searching high and low for that perfect job, that new career, that fresh start and finally you found it on the Virgin Trains website. Then after fully completing your application form, sending it to us and checking your emails with everything crossed, you finally receive your invitation to a recruitment event!

This is around the time you'll probably start stressing about the big day. Well don't. We'll try and make it as relaxing as possible, as we've all been there.

On arrival at the Virgin Trains Talent Academy, we'll offer you a seat (and a cuppa) in one of our colourful break-out areas, but only if you're early of course (we're not impressed by latecomers).

All jobs are different and all recruitment events are different, but they mostly follow a common theme. Once you're comfortably seated and we've confirmed the description of the vacancy you've applied for, we'll then begin with assessments. You may have only one or you may have several, but either way, these tests are designed to assess the abilities that you will need in the role that you have applied for. Assessments at Recruitment Events can be numerical tests, verbal tests, IT skills testing, role plays, group exercises, presentations and individual exercises such as in-tray exercises.

Don't worry about the Group exercise, we won't be asking you to sing or dance for our entertainment. This is just to see how you interact with people, contribute to a group discussion and how you work towards a common goal. There will also be a final competency-based interview, which is your opportunity to shine and to tell us why you should be working for Virgin Trains. You'll be doing most of the talking at this point, so make the most if it!

And once that's all over, that's it. As mentioned above, we'll try and make the day as relaxed as possible for you so you can give yourself the best chance of success!

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